Dubai Silicon Oasis Heart Ad

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Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority set out to promote itself as Strategic Partner of Smart Dubai, through print ads, online ads, and animated TVC.

The concept proposed called for a 3D illustrated version of the entire Dubai Silicon Oasis area in the shape of a heart. Initially the 3D illustrated map of Dubai Silicon Oasis was developed in the shape of a heart. Then the fully 3D animated version was developed.

By using 3D imagery the concept ad and animation was fully realized. The entire Dubai Silicon Oasis area was formed in the shape of a heart in illustration style.

With 3D anything can be created, illustrated, and visualized with flawless detail.

The final 3D illustrated artwork was used in print and digital media. The 3D animated version was prepared at FULL HD 1080p and was used as a TVC, as well on social media promotions.

The final printed ad was prepared at 50 Megapixels – ready for billboards.

50 Megapixels can only be matched by the most high-end cameras (for example HASSELBLAD X1D-50c)




Through 3D imagery and graphics, any creative concept can be realized (fictional and non-fictional) with flawless detail and extreme megapixel quality that can match and surpass high-end cameras, and deliver the quality requirements of outdoor advertising. 3D animation can be used to engage and retain audience attention as it has great appeal especially among younger audiences. A range of visual styles can be achieved through 3D.

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