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Burjuman Mall set out to run an ad campaign to promote Saks Fifth Avenue. The final ad was run on newspapers, magazines, and online.

A creative concept was required to deliver the message, and a brief was developed by the design agency (Tonnit Design) which also developed concept drawings. The concept proposed called for shopping boxes on a classic car that does not exist in real life (i.e. concept was imaginary) – the only way to realize the ad was through 3D imagery.

By using 3D imagery, the concept ad was fully realized. With 3D anything can be created, illustrated, and visualized with flawless detail.

The result was finalized artwork that was used in print and digital media. The final artwork was rendered at 45 Megapixels – ready for billboards.

45 Megapixels can only be matched by the most high-end cameras (for example HASSELBLAD X1D-50c)

Through 3D imagery and graphics, any creative concept can be realized (fictional and non-fictional) with flawless detail and extreme megapixel quality that can match and surpass high-end cameras.

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